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 The Dream Thread

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PostSubject: The Dream Thread   The Dream Thread EmptyWed Apr 01, 2009 9:04 am

The Dream Thread is exactly that: If you remember a dream, and want to share it, here is where you share it.

The dream that inspired me to put this up here, was less a dream than a remembered flash from a single scene from a small part of a snippet of a dream I had two days ago. Razz

It was a Pokemon dream, which I know largely because I remember worrying about Evolution, and since I was much, much closer to the ground than is normal for me, I'm fairly sure I was one of those Pokemon. The snippet I remember was me looking up at what I think was an Empoleon, except it (she, I'm pretty sure) was covered in some sort of what was either bluish goop, or remnants from an ice beam. There was a Luxray off to the right of that image, but past that I don't remember much, other than that I kept fussing over Evolution; probably because most of my companions had, but I hadn't. Why hadn't I? Well it was a dream, so idk, but there you are. XD

Anyway, I also remember a much better, more interesting dream, and for this one you have to remember that I live in Nebraska, so Tornadoes are a legitimate concern here. XD

So basically it starts out with me driving home in the mid-to-late evening (which means I had this dream several years ago, at least), and as I'm driving I'm also watching a tornado tear apart some cornfields off to my right. I'm kinda concerned about that, obviously, but keep driving the speed limit anyway, because I'm obsessive like that.

Eventually, I make it all the way home, and, surprise, there's a Tornado Warning going on, so I hole up with the family in our trailer house. It doesn't take long, though, before I get annoyed. So what do I do? Well, I'll tell you what I did!

I went and grabbed my +15 Morningstar of Coldfire, and my +15 Kite Shield of Stay and go out to see the tornado right in the middle of town, just sorta hanging out, chewing on some buildings like tornadoes do.

"Argh!" And with that I throw the +15 Morningstar of Coldfire into the tornado, and the cold and the fire somehow mix to make the tornado go away, which it does. But it doesn't end there! No, after that I have to spend an indeterminate amount of time searching ALLL over town looking for my freaking Morningstar! I finally find it lying under a tree branch some three blocks east of my house, and just as I'm pulling it out a Tornado appears.

FIGHT! Aaaand it's Tornado versus Me!

Me uses Elemental Weapon! It's Super Effective! Tornado is defeated! Me earns much exp! Also everybody cheers and I am finally allowed to go to bed!

And then I wake up. XD Remembering that dream always makes me laugh rather hysterically.

So, anybody else got some snifty dreams to tell everybody with? =3 I gots more, I just wanna hear other ppls' first. =D
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PostSubject: Re: The Dream Thread   The Dream Thread EmptyTue Jun 23, 2009 4:46 am

I had a dream one time that I bought nat a SUPER HUGE BURRITO AND SHE ATE IT

then well, the world turned red after her rear shook the earth. it was scary and funny at the same time

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This is what happens when you attempt to steal an asian girl's purse :B
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The Dream Thread
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