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PostSubject: Kelpie-isms.   Kelpie-isms. EmptyTue Jan 04, 2011 4:38 am

This is the wonderful thread for all the ways Kelpie could possibly faaaaaaaaaail~ This was started by me and Taru but if you tell me in game or on the forums, I can add as many of yours as you'd like. Here's the list so far!

1. Stubbed his toe.
2. Falls down a manhole.
3. Falls in wet cement.
4. Walks into a streetlight.
5. Spontaneously combusts.
6. Trips into a cake shop into a cake.
7. Trips and falls on Kusina's boobs and gets smacked.
8. Trips and falls on Kusina's top and she beats him with a rake.
9. Trips and lands in the 18th dimension.
10. Gets beaten up by an armadillo.
11. Gets attacked by elf guards.
12. Gets attacked by giant guards.
13. Gets attacked by both at the same time.
14. Gets attacked by dongs.
15. Gets attacked by wyverns.
16. Gets eaten by a wyvern then spit out because he fails at being good food.
17. Falls into the volcano and gets spit out because he's not worth it.
18. Falls in sulfur.
19. Gets poisoned by sulfur.
20. Gets punched by sulfur golem.
21. Gets punched by Ciar beginner golem.
22. Gets punched by Gray Town Rat.
23. Gets punched by Young Brown Fox.
24. Gets punched by Ni.
25. Gets punched by hens.
26. Gets punched by Azazer.
27. Gets punched by everyone on the Uladh continent.
28. Gets farted on by Trefor.
29. Dies in Alby beginner.
30. Wanders into TNN.
31. Gets killed by a Giant's stomp with PVP off.
32. Gets eaten by zombies.
33. Gets windmilled by windmill training people with PVP off.
34. Gets windmilled by the air.
35. Gets attacked by the giant sand worm while in Calida.
36. Gets smacked by Ni.
37. Breaks the golden egg by touching it.
38. Gets crushed by hot air balloons.
39. Crashes hot air balloons even when he's not on them.
40. Crashes horses.
41. Crashes wild mustangs and ostriches even though they have a preset route.
42. Goes to Peaca and dies before even going in.
43. Cant break out of white spiderling attack.
44. Dies just thinking of Peaca.
45. Gets forced to play dress-up with Ailionoa who thinks he's female.
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